Marco Island Termite Control


Pest control is a must to keep out the insects, and rodents which may cause diseases in people and destroy our valuable things and buildings.

Cockroaches, flies, termites, ants, rats other rodents are considered as pest by humans as they invade our buildings and cause damage to human health as well as to our possessions. Pest control has been a major issue for the people in all parts of the world from ancient days. Now, effective pest control measures are available in the market to control the pest.

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You need the knowledge and skill to tackle the different types of pest problems and here we need the service of efficient pest control services. There are many effective Marco Island Pest Control services which provide the best solution for different varieties of pests.

Interior Termite Control and Overall Pest Control

The Marco Island Pest Control offers different types of interior pest control programs to meet your needs.

The interior pest control programs are effective in terminating roaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, mosquitoes, termites, fleas and ticks etc. You can find different options for pest control in Marco Island.

There is a one time service, quarterly services or annual services. Home owners can choose the right option according to the intensity of pest infestation.

Exterior Pest Control


Our experts will identify the termites and take care of the problem.

Marco Island Pest Control uses the latest technology and methods to get rid of the pests present on the exteriors.

This will include ants, rats, scorpions, centipedes, mice, termites, roaches, squirrels, etc. The Treatment used by this service is safe for family and pets.

  • The experts from the company will inspect your premises to check the spots where pests are hiding and try to trap the pests or seal their entry using effective methods to make the area pest-free.
  • The pest control service will make regular inspection of pest traps and make the addition of bait or removal any pest inside the traps.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Pest control services offer residential pest control for homes, apartments and condos, as well as for commercial establishments.

Hotels, restaurants and food storage facilities and other commercial establishments also come under the attack of various pests and the pest control services offer the best way to control the pest using less invasive, but highly effective procedures to get rid of the problem completely.

To deal with the problem of pest infestation one needs the best product and these services have the right knowledge about the various products and techniques to be used in each area and for each variety of pests.


We offer free evaluations on Marco Island and Naples so we can determine the extent of your termite infestation.

Free Evaluation

It is necessary to find out what pests are there in your premises and to find an estimate of their numbers or the areas infested by them.

  • The experts from the Marco Island pest control company will give a free evaluation of the situation and will provide the necessary solution for removing the pests from your area.
  • The service you select must be licensed and insured to do the pest control job and they should use safe products for pest control.

Guaranteed Protection

Bug Free Services is the only company offering a $1,000,000 insurance protection policy against Termite damage. Once we have treated a structure, any further damages will be covered! We want you to experience 100% satisfaction guaranteed with pest control.

Our Termite Pest Control and other services are aggressively enforced. Our aim is to have your problem resolved within the first treatment, or continued service.

If you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, we will continue treating the affected area or find another solution to solve the issue.

So, let the professionals in pest control services offer safe and more convenient to make your home pet free and keep your family from the diseases spread by the pests. Bug Free Services.